Linkage (LYNKAG) is simply back to the future. Our gun training simply reminds you of how you hit a target with a football or baseball or hockey puck or soccer ball when you were a kid, or turned the steering wheel and ended up where you wanted to go.

Our gun training teaches you to LINK what you see with where the round or bullet will go. This is not point shooting, flash sights, or instinctive shooting.

Our goal is to have you hit what you see while freeing up your conscious mind for decision making!

Effective gun SHOOTING at close range can be taught fairly quickly to most people. What takes time is the decision making skills. The two need to be separated from the start. The ability or re-learned skill to connect what the eye is pointed at and what the bullet hits is the key to quick close range shooting.

Setting aside the decision making criteria for the particular student or application, we must first convince the subconscious brain that we can do this. Or, as we suspect, the brain already knows this.